Top Effective SEO Tips for Bloggers


Search engine optimization (SEO) may get a bad image among the bloggers. As on one side, search engines are one of the top traffic and visitor’s generator for most of the blogs while on the other side, there is a false belief that writing “SEO optimized content” means stuffing the keywords into the paragraphs and headers which results in rarely readable blog posts. However, that’s not true about the SEO. SEO is about showing the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing that your blog is a relevant and unique resource for the people searching for information about your business/industry on the internet.

Here are highly effective SEO tips for bloggers that you need to start implementing now:

  • Write for Your Audience:

There are several bloggers who write specifically for search engines (robots) instead for people. Your blog should be written in such a way that it answers your targeted audience’s specific questions. Your blog’s content should not only be a place to rank for the specific keywords.

  • Relationship Building Is the Best Form of Link Building:

Over the last several years, bloggers have tried everything from spam directory sites to buying links from the low quality and copy content blogs in order to get more and more backlinks. The one strategy that has stood the best all the time is building the relationships as people link to those sites they trust it is maintained under SEO services.

  • Use paragraphs:

Every blogger use several paragraphs in a blog, but make sure to use the paragraphs that make complete sense. Do not start a new sentence with a new line, only because it looks nice. There should be a proper reason for making a new paragraph and every paragraph must have a main idea or a subject.

  • Include Internal Links:

Linking to your older posts is crucial. By this you will get your reader addicted more on your blogs for the content. It will also help in your SEO score for a long time.

  • Use Original Content:

You should always make sure to bring the best possible and unique content to your readers. If you create original, helpful posts and prefer quality over quantity then you are on the right track and that will definitely help you in getting better SEO score.

  • Install A Sitemap:

This step is very easy as you can help yourself a lot by simply submitting a sitemap of your blog to several search engines.


Toronto Digitals Marketing | iMediadesigns is a Toronto SEO company which offers cost effective digital marketing service. If you have any other tips and tricks then why not share it in the comments below?


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