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Top 6 Chrome Extension that makes Your SEO Easier


An extension is simply an additional feature that can modify and enhance the functionality of the browser it can be easily added to your browser. These features can help much to reduce in SEO efforts.

All browsers have their own SEO extensions, but Google chrome offers some of the best and easiest SEO supportive extensions that are easy to operate.

I have collected some best Google Chrome extensions here. You can go through them and use best one according to your requirements that can save your time and make your SEO effort little easier.


  1. MozBar


There is no doubt that MozBar is one of the oldest and most popular marketing software programs on the internet. It is a very convenient SEO tool that allows you to view SEO elements like Page Authority, Domain Authority, Link Profile, Keyword Highlights, etc. To come in use with Mozbar all you need to do, enter the URL then hit search. Mozbar will display all stats & reliable information about that specific URL.


2.  Majestic SEO Toolbar


Majestic provides a thorough summary of that website. Website stats displayed with graphical representation that you can easily interpret/apply the information to your SEO Service and campaign.


3.  SEO Site Tools


It is one of the important tools, because it helps you to dive into detailed research of competitor’s website as well as your own website to know about metrics like on-page, social media & traffic details etc. It provides an additional feature that whenever you visit website it shows the Page Rank of that website. For more detailed research you have to click on icon of SEO Site extension, and go through to these 6 sections. SEO Site tool shatter result into six sections, every section has its own stats metric specification.

  • External page data
  • Page elements
  • Social media
  • Page terms/tools
  • Domain information
  • Suggestions for your site


4.  Open SEO Stats


Open SEO Stats also called by another name “PageRank Status”. Basically it shows authentic information about all ranks like Google Page rank, Alexa rank, Questcast Rank and Complete rank etc. Additionally traffic, page and link stats, as well as page speed.


5.  SEO Quake


SEO Quake is another popular SEO browser extension tool that shows important metrics of each result shown in SERPs. This tool will display your PageRank, Alex arak, any nofollow links, keyword density analysis, and web archive age. You can export the SERP data from SEO Quake in a CSV file too.


6.  Ahref SEO Toolbar


It displays stats on domain authority, backlinks, referring domains, and social shares. If you are talking about functionality that is similar to the Mozbar but Ahref provides reliable information with high quality. The toolbar is free, but if you have a subscription or use other Ahrefs featured tools, you can get even more information and graphical interpretations of data.

If I left any of important Chrome extension, that actually can make SEO a little easier. Let us know in comment section.



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